Put Together A Safety Program For You 100 Ton Overhead Crane

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Cranes that take care of 100 ton loads are certainly heavy duty machinery. There are plenty of much smaller crane systems, so you must be moving some large loads. Safety is always the  priority when a crane is in operation, and in this instance, you are preparing everyone for the use of a 100 ton overhead crane. What is important to discuss?

There are three main categories when it comes to crane safety. First, you have the inspection process and the maintenance of the crane system. Then you have crane safety communication, which is a bigger category than you might think. Third, you have safe crane operational procedures, which includes what qualifications the operators must have.

Crane safety communication has everything to do with basic crane safety and also the safety tools. Employees need to know certain hand signs and also warning markers. Do you have this 100 ton crane set up? If you do, then you are aware of the magnitude of the equipment that you are going to be using. Whether or not you will use it yourself, your employees are going to be doing so and must know all the safety rules.

As you can see, it’s more than just about a set of rules. There are OSHA standards in place, and communication is also key when you have a 100 ton overhead crane in use. While you yourself might not be handling the crane, it’s a good idea for you to know all the safety rules, too, because you want to be sure that they are followed properly.

As mentioned, maintenance is a part of the plan when talking about 100 ton overhead crane safety. You’re certainly going to want to know all of those details. You have to keep that heavy duty piece of machinery in operation for everyone. That is certainly important to the safety of all individuals involved and to your overall operations.

There are different types of overhead crane systems. Which one do you have in place? There are gantry cranes, bridge cranes, monorail cranes and jib cranes. Knowing the type of crane you have and taking into account its capacity has everything to do with safety. That is where you start as you put into place a safety program for your 100 ton overhead crane.

All employees using the crane system need to be familiar with the parts, too. The major parts of a crane system are important because they have everything to do with operating the crane. That being said, crane inspections are important as well. Employees need to know how to inspect the crane, and they need to know to be on the lookout for any maintenance issues.

The 100 ton overhead crane at your facility needs to be working properly. It will be if you keep up with the maintenance and make safety a priority. It is time to put that crane into action, and you are fully addressing safety standards ahead of time. Put that safety program together.

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